Monday, April 23, 2012

You Say Potato I Say...

This weekend was fantastic, 80 plus degrees. Sean and I spent the entire day outside and we finished the day off with some hamburgers on the grill.

This week I have set some bike riding goals for myself, I am up to a whopping 2 miles now (insert sarcasm here)  I know it is pathetic and actually pretty embarrassing, but it feels good to get my blood pumping again, even if my face stays bright red for an hour after the bike ride is over!  There are such beautiful bike trials where I live, my goal is to be on those trails by June 1.

The garden is finally rota-tilled, the chickens were so excited to have all that loose dirt to kick around and enjoy their dirt baths. They have a couple more weeks to enjoy before I plant.

I've been trying to do some different types of container gardening and while at the IFA store this weekend I saw these green bags and the instructions said we could grow potato's in them... so of course I had to try.  I got 2 bags for about $16, I saw them at Walmart for $8 for one.

We bought some seed potato's (I think you can use any potato) we were told to put about 6 inches of garden soil (not to use potting soil) in the bottom of the bag, then put the seed potato's with shoots going up, then cover but not to deep.  Soil is supposed to be moist not wet.  Once the green shoots are about 6 inches up you add another 6 inches of dirt and continue this process till you reach the top of the bag. The cool thing if it works is at the bottom of the bag is an opening so I will be able to reach in and grab my potato's as they grow (which I understand takes a long time) patience is a virtue right?
My gutter gardens are doing great, my carrots finally came up...if this works it will be the first time I have ever been able to grow carrots, fingers crossed.

Sean got my hammock out yesterday so I think I will head outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Have a Great Day!

April is a promise that May is bound to keep ~ Hal Borland

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