Monday, April 30, 2012

My Neighbors and Friends

A fun busy weekend, started off with a Saturday morning potluck breakfast with my church family.  It was a cool spring morning but the sun was shining, so we sat up table and chairs outside.

  I have lived in my neighborhood for over twenty years, and have many close friends, but this morning as I was watching them all walking over with their muffins and Quiches, and all kinds of yummy treats, I had such a feeling of love and contentment. I am blessed.

 I feel like all of these neighbors were and are an extension of my family.  I have raised my children with most of these people.  And the new families with the young children make me smile, and bring back memories of my days as a young mom.

  It truly filled my bucket to watch the 12 year old boy scouts flipping pancakes with their bed heads, from a night of camping in their leaders back yard.

 The teenagers, some still in their jammies, the parents in jeans and t-shirts, and baseball caps, ready for a day of working in their yards and doing all the Saturday chores.

What a great way to start the weekend.

My Neighbors and Friends

by Ellen Bailey

My neighbors and my friends are very dear to me
They are always there whenever there is a need

We talk to each other and we borrow and lend
Such treasures they are, my neighbors and friends

I sing when they sing and I laugh when they laugh
We do things for each other on the other's behalf

They share with me their many worries and fears
I share with them my compassion and my tears

How lonely and cheerless a place my soul would be
Without such neighbors and good friends as these

I cherish them all and take each one into my heart
Feeling the love and kindness each in turn imparts

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  1. I feel the same! And you and your O'Gwin tribe are a big part of that. Love you! --R