Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Broody Girl

broody [ˈbruːdɪ]
adj broodierbroodiest
1. moody; meditative; introspective
2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Breeds) (of poultry) wishing to sit on or hatch eggs
3. Informal (of a woman) wishing to have a baby of her own
broodiness  n

My little brooding girl, not my daughter, but my chicken, for the past couple days she won’t come out of the hen house, not even to eat or drink, and when I force her out (cause that’s what I am supposed to do) in the yard she sits by the door and makes this sad little crow. But don't let that sad crow fool you she is one temperamental bird right now, she tries to peck me any chance she gets and fluffs her feathers to twice her size to let me know she means business and to leave her alone!  After doing some Googling I found out that she is feeling the desire to have chicks. 

It is kind of sad to me that she will not know what it’s like to have her own babies; I am feeling a little guilty. But I just don't have the room to add more chickens.  Hopefully, she doesn't brood for long.
I'm pretty sure she is giving me the 'stink eye' in this picture, warning me to leave her alone!

Now,while I was doing my research I came across lots of sites that talked about broody women and how some of us do the same thing when we start wanting to have babies. So I was thinking... (always a dangerous thing)  in that case, I hope my daughter in laws get broody soon!

“To the broody hen the notion would probably seem monstrous that there should be a creature in the world to whom a nestful of eggs was not utterly fascinating and precious and never-to-be-too-much-sat-upon object which it is to her.” 

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