Monday, April 16, 2012

Is this empty nest syndrome? Did I miss something?

My children's age range is 19 to 26, they are all in school and trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up.
I am in my late 40's and have devoted my life to the raising of my children and loved every minute.  
Now they are grown up and although they still need me at times, I have a lot of time to think about... what I what to be... now that I am all grown up.

I've heard other women say, don't lose sight of who 'you' are a long the way... I don't think I did.  I had read many times that you need to take care of your needs as you are raising your kids, I did, I had my nails done, I colored my hair, I went out with friends, my hubby took me on a date every Friday night,I scrap booked my guts out, I went to the gym with my girlfriends sometimes for hours. I don't remember feeling sad or neglected.  I had a some great friends doing the same thing I was, we spent our summers at the parks with our kids, went to the pool, bike rides, road trips and field trips. 
                                      July 4th Parade with my best friend and her family

 I'm also LDS and being a Mormon is like having a full time job!  I was involved in working with the young women in my neighborhood for many years, this meant planning weekly activities and Sunday lessons, and helping them achieve their goals, I was PTA president and home room mom, I was never bored!
                                          Girls camp with other awesome women 'Moms'

  My family went on yearly trips to Disney World and we all became Scuba Certified, we were blessed to have the financial ability to do lots of fun trips.

So I didn't think I was missing out or needed to add anything. 
 I still had my fair share of trials don't get me wrong, but that is a blog(s) for another day.

So that leads me to today... this stage of life. I know I would like to  spend a lot more time if I could with grand kids but they are far away as of now, so until I get a chance to revel in my 'grandma - ness' I need to make some goals, start a few hobbies, something...


So here I sit...  wondering, is there something that will make me as happy and as content as when I was raising my kids? 
 Or was that the best years of my life? Nah, I refuse to believe that! I am and will continue finding new interests, I mean who knew I liked gardening, certainly not me!   I know I am not alone, I have talked with you... all my friends/readers around the neighborhood,  I/we can do this!

 I think this could this be the empty nest syndrome that I have heard so much about! Well, I am not giving up, I will keep searching and along the way I'll let you know what I discover. I want you to know I am not sad, or depressed quite the opposite actually, just trying to figure out what next? If you have any ideas, give me a call I'm ready to try new stuff (insert smiley face)

Hmmm, maybe a quick weekend trip with my favorite husband will inspire me!  

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