Thursday, April 19, 2012

Singing... Mandy oh Mandy, I love my Mandy

I just got off the phone with my baby sister, she is usually one of the first posts I read on Facebook in the morning.   I love reading the dialog she posts of her son's conversations that she is eavesdropping on, it usually takes me down memory lane with my own kids and starts my day off with a smile.

Recent post from my sis...

Just overheard Jeremiah telling Cole that he needs to trust him, and to just let him try this one thing. Hmmm. This could end poorly. Lol.

 I am the oldest and Mandy is the baby, we are 14 years apart in age. When Mandy was born I could have rocked her all day.  She was a major cuddle bug and so tiny (still is after 3 kids, you stink) and I would make up songs to her name and sing them to her.

She was 4 when I got married and I moved away, so we don't share many memories of 'our family'. I felt most of the time more like a distant aunt, we saw each other maybe once a year and sometimes not even that.  I was a stranger to her.  It wasn't until she started having babies that we started to communicate more often.

Mandy and I still live a long ways from each other, but with Facebook and texting and weekly phone calls she has been able to share all their going on's with her family.

 She has 3 boys and is always busy... substitute teaching, being a scout mom, attending baseball games, and wrestling meets, science projects, oh and did I mention going to school to get her elementary ed degree, and  she is still crazy in love with her hubby, (otherwise known as muscles)

 She is one busy lady and I know she is sometimes worn out...  so many baseball games to get to, but she can't wait till baseball season starts, watching your boy hit a home run, I think I heard her yell all the way to Utah, to hear your oldest son's voice start to squeak, and needing a razor, she's completely wigged out by this one, and that's just funny, Jedi fights in the house, I think she probably should join em,  ordering an entire  pizza per boy...
and you still might not have enough to satisfy their appetites;  well,that's why you work right, to feed the animals, trips to Disney while they still 'believe'; ah it's all good!  So enjoy the journey Sis, I know you do, but I am here to remind you in case you need me, cause it goes so fast.

P.S. I happen to think you are an amazing, beautiful, talented, fantastic, wonderful lady!  (insert musical notes here) Mandy ohhh Mandy I love my Mandy!

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  1. What a sweet tribute to your beautiful sister. You are lucky to have each other! xo