Friday, April 6, 2012

Of course I said yes!

28 years ago today, Sean took me on a picnic to Wilde Lake in Columbia, Maryland, and asked me to marry him.

 We had met in January at church, he had just come home from serving a 2 year mission in Brazil.  There were quite a few that said we were too young, we had only just met, it was too fast.

But when it's right it is RIGHT!  He was and is the best decision I have ever made.  He is my very best friend.  I know some don't believe in 'soul mates' but I do, cause I found mine.

So Sean just in case you need to hear it again, the answer is yes, I am so glad you asked!

You are my happily ever after, forever and ever!

                                               Our Engagement Picture, oh man we look young!

                                       Growing old with you is going to be the best!


  1. I'm so happy you did! You and Sean are amazing together, and are lucky to have each other. Loved this sweet post. xo

  2. you two are so in love and such an inspiration to me. i've always noticed this about you two. i'm with you on "when its right its RIGHT!" i am in the same boat as you two were.

    1. Thanks Ali, I am happy that you found your Mr.Right. Now comes the fun of planning your wedding:)