Thursday, May 31, 2012

If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin at all

The last several days I have had a pretty bad back ache, and to my own admission may have not been a barrel of fun and giggles.  My good hubby has been more than nice, he has been to the store on multiple occasions buying every kind of icy/hot patch, lotions and potions, heating pads, etc. etc,  to try and ease my pain.

So I decided even though I was not feeling up to par that it was time to make dinner for him, I had all the ingredients except for two so I s-l-o-w-l-y went to the store and grabbed the items I needed and got in the 15 items or less line.

In front of me was an older man with a few items, and the young lady who was helping him rang him through quickly and placed his items in a couple bags.  He paused and looks at her and in a sarcastic tone says, 'are you paying for the bags?'  The cute smile on her face quickly disappeared and I don't think she really understood why he was using that tone with her, and to be honest neither did I.

So she looked at him innocently as he continued to stand there and glare at her... he repeated himself again and she then turned red and stuttered that she could give him another bag if that is what he was asking.  At this point I am feeling badly for the young girl, and so I asked this man if he thought there was a nicer way of asking for another bag to which he just glared at me and said nothing and walked away.

Maybe it was because I was his age and maybe it was the look on my face, he knew that he should not speak to me as he spoke to this young lady, because I was certainly prepared to let him have it. He grabbed the bag from the girl and left the store.

The girl who 5 minutes before had been smiling at everyone that went through her line, now had tears in her eyes, red face and was anything but smiling.
I tried to make her laugh telling her someone must have peed in his corn flakes that day, and she gave me a smile.

Ya know I was steamed up when I got back in my car, I wonder if that man knew that his lack of manners affected those around him, probably not.

Lesson learned... just Be Nice, how much different would it have turned out if he would have asked in a kinder tone, or better yet just grabbed one of the thousands of bags at the end of every isle. She would have continued to smile and chat with everyone in line and they would have smiled back in return.

Thanks For Being Nice

Nice of you to say
That nice word today!
It made me feel good
That you understood,
So here's one for you
A rhyme that is true.
My day is complete
Because you were sweet,
and without a doubt
as we chat about,
I'll follow this trend
And become your friend,
return some sun shine
In your needful time!
Thanking you my friend
'til we chat again!
Just take my advice,
And keep being nice.

(author unknown)


  1. So true! Some days I have to remind myself that this rule applies tenfold when talking to the babies...not only does what I say affect how they see themselves, but how they're learning to talk to other people.

  2. Missy, so fun to find your blog! I can actually hear your voice when I read it. You are a talented writer. I love that you are becoming such the farmer out there in your suburbia. When I become an empty nester I'll look to you for advice. :) Hopefully we'll get to see you guys when we come out this summer!