Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bee's Have Arrived

I wanted to post all my bee pictures for a couple days now, but between my son's knee surgery, and my husband having to get a tooth pulled, and then deciding on a whim to paint my family room, I got a bit distracted.
Happy to report son is feeling better, husband is living on Carnation Instant Breakfast's for a couple more days till his mouth heals, but not in pain any more.  My family room still needs the trim work done but should be finished this week.

Our bee's arrived on Saturday, Sean was pretty excited to get our bee's going again.  We made a couple improvements on their hives and hopefully have learned some lessons.

This is what the bee's are delivered in.

We ordered Carnolian Bee's it's the second most popular bee for bee keepers after the Italian bee's.
The Carnolian Bee's are known to be great defenders of their hives and yet a bit nicer to their bee keepers.

Removing the can, that has been feeding the bee's during the transportation.

Each hive come with it's own queen she is in her own cage that has a small plug in it, when you remove the plug you replace it with another plug that is food by the time the bee's eat through it they have bonded with the queen.
The queen is placed inside the hive first, Sean just attaches it with a rubber band which we will later remove.

Sean adds a protein patty that also has some antibiotics.
The rest of the box containing the bee's slips right into the box.

The bee's were quickly flying off to find pollen it's an awesome sound to hear.
Looking forward to all that honey.

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