Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eight pounds 9 ounces

27 years ago at 1:26 am in the morning, after 14 plus hours of labor, I gave birth to an 8 pound 9 oz 21 inch baby boy!  When they placed this little baby in my arms I was completely and totally in love!
He was the most perfect baby, and I was sure no one else in the world had ever given birth to a baby as perfect as mine:)
I remember the ride home from the hospital and how slow your dad was driving... totally terrified, your little head was rolling all over the place in the car seat, we pulled off the side of the road to adjust you a couple times on the 30 minute ride home.  This still makes me laugh, we were so young.

 When Grandma and me would be in the kitchen we would lay him in a big laundry basket and set him on the table. 

My son at 18months old 
His son looks just like him at the same age.
Lots of memories come to mind when I think about my oldest son, big brother, intelligent,sarcastic, responsible, obnoxious, comic books,student,Dragon's Keep, super heroes, popcorn, frozen jr. mints, science fairs, monsters in the closet, Metallica, missionary,believing, example, roller blading, Stephen King, horror films,paint ball, hard working, Brazil,ambitious,organized, prolific,truth seeking, husband, and father.

When we discovered Islands of Adventure in Florida with everything Marvel, I am pretty sure my boys thought they got a glimpse of heaven.

One of my favorite pictures of my baby and me
What a blessing he is in my life.  What an amazing joyful ride it was to raise this fantastic son.  
Happy Birthday kiddo, I'm sure glad I'm your mom!

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