Friday, November 2, 2012

Once Upon A Time...

The reason for the party... our pretty Kara (and that cute round belly)

My cute daughter in law Kara... sitting in her new rocking chair, and ready to use it!
The girls of the family decided it was about time to have a baby shower, the cute little addition to our family would be here in just about 6 weeks, and we wanted to make sure she had plenty of cute things to wear! 

We had all been doing lots of 'pinning of baby showers' on Pinterest, ever since the day we found out Kara was expecting.  My niece Kyra  found the perfect theme and so the planning began.  With about a gallon of gold glitter, and gold spray paint and throw in some creativity we managed to do our version of ...
 Once Upon A Time....
A shower that would represent just about every 'princess' we could think of....

We bought an old Cinderella story book ripped out the pages and stained them with tea bags, then burnt the edges, we then traced out the individual letters and sprayed gold glitter on the pages and hung them from the curtains, above the table.

We had so many yummy treats including sugar cookies that represented the glass slipper...

rose in a vase for Beauty and the Beast

Snow White's evil queen's Mirror Mirror

My Beautiful girls, Sagan, Brooke, Caitie, Kara, Erica, Shelby, and Kyra.
We missed having Jennifer with us, but she is busy in Georgia with Chase getting through graduate school!
It took me a while to get this blog written, now it is only 20 days till this little lady arrives (maybe less) and we are all so excited there might be some arm wrestling going on in my house to see who gets to hold this baby the most, hmmm I think I win... cause I'm the Grandma!

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